ASOS Haul: Petite Jeans and Bell Sleeves

I’ve done ASOS hauls numerous times before, but somehow managed to overlook the fact that ASOS offers jeans in such tiny sizes.  Being a thin petite, finding bottoms that fit can be quite the struggle.  I wanted to test the sizing of their petite jeans, and had these two pairs in my shopping cart for quite some time, procrastinating in pulling the trigger. When I saw this blue gingham top with bell sleeves, I was sold. I added the top to my cart and checked out in minutes.

ASOS Petite Whitby Low Rise Skinny Jeans In Abbie Wash

Size: W23 L26

ASOS Petite Jeans I

I couldn’t believe how well the length of these jeans fit me.  I love the look of skinny jeans that hit right above the ankle because they look so flattering with heels.  This is the first pair of jeans I’ve ever tried on that hit right above the ankles without having to be cuffed.

In terms of the waist, I have a 24″ waist, but for some reason I wanted to test out their 23″ waist jeans. Being used to clothing always being too large off the rack, I always tend to select the smallest size possible.  The 23″ waist was a bit snug, although I could button it and sit down just fine.  As of writing this post, I have reordered these jeans in a 24″ waist to compare.

ASOS Petite Ridley Ankle Grazer Jeans in Sebastian Wash with Shredded Rips

Size: W23 L26

ASOS Petite Jeans III

I’ve always liked the look of very ripped and distressed jeans, but for some reason have never purchased one for myself.  I love the ripped detailing on these jeans and the tie dyed unfinished hem.

Although the two pairs of jeans were the same size, this pair definitely felt a lot more snug than the first pair.  I also repurchased this pair in 24″.  Unless I find something wrong with the 24″ pair when it arrives, I will most likely be opting for the larger pair for this style.

Monki Gingham Ruffle Bardot Top

Size: XXS

Monki Bardot Top

I adore blue and white gingham for summer, and I adore the bell sleeves on this top. Everything about this top is just so pretty!  BUT!  I don’t know if I’m just not used to wearing off-the-shoulder tops (this would be my first), but something looked off to me when I saw this top on me in pictures.

Monki Bardot Top II

I am rather top heavy for my frame, and I’ve noticed that off-the-shoulder tops always tend to exaggerate top heaviness in people, whether it be a large bust or a broad shoulder.  I’m still debating whether this is going to be a deal breaker for me…

Have you tried off-the-shoulder style tops?  What has your experience been with this style?  Let me know in the comments down below!


Thanks for reading!



    1. You hardly ever see a 26″ inseam, even in petite sizes. I love that they offer such a short inseam. Truly petite trousers are still a rarity for me. Hopefully ASOS will expand their workwear section in petite sizing in the future.

      1. Definitely! This may be an unpopular opinion to have but I feel like there isn’t enough attention given to smaller girls. In most clothing stores I go to even their smallest sizes don’t fit me so I end up buying clothes that are too big or not at all

        1. I couldn’t agree more! When the company J. Crew expanded their size options to include 000 and xxxs, they encountered backlash for the move. People said that the company was encouraging people to strive to be thin, which was unrealistic and unhealthy. I don’t think people realize that some people are naturally that thin, and actually NEED those sizes. P.S. Followed you back =)

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