Strawberry Picking: What I Wore

With the warm weather comes fruit picking.  Seems like every year, I go fruit picking at least once.  So far, I’ve been strawberry picking and apple picking.  I think my favorite part of going fruit picking is the homemade donuts that they make on the premises. Those donuts put store bought donuts to shame.

For my strawberry picking outing, I wore a floral peplum top, dark blue denim short shorts, cardinal red Tieks, and a small white purse with gunmetal chain strap and handles.

Strawberry Picking Outfit I

We went early in the morning just after the field opened, before all the strawberries had been picked clean, but even so, towards the end, temperatures were starting to climb into the 80s and even in my short shorts, I was starting to feel very warm.

Strawberry Picking Outfit II

After the strawberry picking, we went to a small shop called Bambu that sells drinks and desserts.  After being out in the warm weather, it was so refreshing to have a cold treat.

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