Wedding Bells: What I Wore

A little under two weeks ago, my sister got married, and I thought I’d share some pictures with you – the dress I wore, the shoes, the hair, all that good stuff…

We started the day off at the bride’s family’s house for a traditional house ceremony.  We had a floral archway in the front yard where we took turns posing for pictures with the bride.  My boyfriend and I blew up two life-size (well, life-size compared to me 😉 ) bride and groom balloons to flank either side of the archway.  That’s me in the green dress standing on the lawn!

Photo Jun 16, 1 56 41 PM

My sister and I went to the hair salon bright and early that morning at 7 AM to have our hair done.  My hairdresser couldn’t help but comment every 10 minutes how much hair I had.  It took 36 bobby pins to whip all my hair into this bun.  I had a Mia Thermopolis moment at the hair salon when he was struggling to wrap a hair elastic around my massive head of hair and the elastic just snapped.

Photo Jun 16, 1 55 49 PM

After the house ceremony, we all loaded into our cars and drove to our local church for the wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom rode in style:

Photo Jun 16, 3 58 26 PM

Here’s a closeup of the dress I wore as maid of honor.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that this dress was part of an ASOS haul I did back in March .  In that haul, I was actually debating returning this dress for a number of reasons, but after trying it on one more time, I ended up deciding to keep the dress.

Photo Jun 16, 12 30 38 PM

A quick peek inside the church…

Photo Jun 16, 1 58 42 PM

Last but not least: the reception.  The reception was a rustic themed, outdoor reception in a gazebo surrounded by water.



Photo Jun 16, 2 00 37 PM

That’s the wedding in a nutshell!  Hope you enjoyed this post!


Thanks for reading!


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