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I have to start this blog post off talking about the topic I am most excited to share with you this month, which is the music I’m currently loving.  I AM OBSESSED with my new discovery: The Tenors (formerly known as The Canadian Tenors).

The Tenors
Courtesy of CBC

The Tenors are a Canadian trio consisting of two contemporary pop singers and one classically trained opera singer.  On paper, it sounds like an odd musical concoction, but believe me when I say a part of me dies of happiness every time I hear them sing.  I only wish I had discovered them 9 years ago when they first began.


Ok, some of you may ask, “where have you been?” when I tell you my new food discovery, and that is the deliciousness that is the fried dumpling.  I’ve bought frozen dumplings from the superemarket and fried them at home before, but have never seen fried dumplings on a Chinese restuarant menu.  Recently I discovered that fried dumplings are in fact on practically every Chinese restaurant menu, but under names like peking revioli, gyoza, and potstickers.

Peking Ravioli
Courtesy of NPR

There are differences between each dish, but as I am not a fried dumpling expert, I won’t attempt to differentiate between them.  (Feel free to let me know in the comments if you know what the differences are!)  All I can say is that if they’re fried, and they look and taste like a dumpling, then they’re going on my plate, yum!


This is a new one for me.  I’m not a gaming fan in the least, but I have a boyfriend who is, so often times we’ll try to find a game that we can enjoy together.  He watches Gilmore girls with me, and I play games with him – it’s a pretty symbiotic relationship.  We’ve found a number of good ones, but the most recent one is a game called “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.”

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Courtesy of Made With Unity

The goal of the game is to diffuse a virtual bomb.  One player is in charge of diffusing the bomb on the computer, while the other player uses the bomb diffusing manual (downloaded onto their phone) to guide the first player.  The first player describes parts of the bomb to the second player (e.g. there are 6 wires, 2 red, 1 white, etc.), and the second player finds the matching section in the manual (e.g. the section on cutting wires) and must determine what directions to give the first player (e.g. which wires the first player should cut).  Neither player can look at each other’s screen.

That’s all my favorites for now!  Hope you enjoyed this post!


Thanks for reading!


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