Bachelorette Party: A Day at the Spa

I’m not a regular spa goer – and by that, I mean I’ve never been to a spa.  But for my sister’s bachelorette party, she requested that we throw a spa party, and as the MOH, the bride-to-be’s wish is my command.  I thought I’d share what random pictures I managed to take before going in for my treatments and also some random tips I learned based on my experience.

We arrived around 11 in the morning and were escorted to a peaceful, quiet, dimly lit relaxation area, and were told to make ourselves comfortable.  I initially thought it was going to be a public resting area, but it seemed to be reserved for us, since we had the place to ourselves for the entire duration.

I’m afraid my cellphone pictures just don’t do the place justice.  It was very atmospheric and full of ambiance.  They offered us complimentary cheese and crackers, a selection of teas, and mimosas.

Photo May 07, 11 08 21 AM

There were plenty of recliners to seat the whole party of 8, and coffee table books to read if you were so inclined.

Photo May 07, 11 08 26 AM

Photo May 07, 11 08 42 AM

I had a shellac and express facial (pretty much the simplest facial package you could choose) for my treatments.  Of course I couldn’t take a picture to show the facial, but she used a number of different products, and massaged the face, neck, and down to the shoulders.  While I had what I assume was a mask on, she proceeded to give me a hand massage, and then placed my hands in two heated mitts to absorb the moisturizer.

For the shellac, I asked for a black french tip:

Photo May 07, 4 52 04 PM

Photo May 07, 4 52 20 PM (1)

Before the wedding I’ll probably go to the salon near my house and redo my nails with white french tips for the ceremony.

Afterward, we went out to eat at a nearby ramen noodle restaurant.

Photo May 07, 3 26 36 PM

Now on to random tips!

  1. If you’re planning a spa party, book 4-6 weeks in advance of the date.  I booked 2 weeks in advance and it was extremely difficult to find an opening.
  2. Bring cash just in case.  Check with your specific spa, but the one we went to accepted all credit cards for the service, but tips had to be in cash.
  3. Even if you’re just getting a facial, be prepared to get a little undressed.  Both my sister’s and my facial technician massaged the face, neck, and shoulders, so they asked that we remove everything but the undergarments so that they wouldn’t get dirty.
  4. Ladies: bring makeup if you prefer not to go barefaced after a facial.  I did originally plan on bringing my makeup, but ended up not bringing a single thing because I couldn’t be bothered, and boy did I wish I did.  While I didn’t mind being barefaced, I had no eyebrows!  The facial had completely wiped off my brow pencil (duh), and without eyebrow pencil, I have two sad half eyebrows, womp womp.
  5. Along the same lines as #4, bring concealer or something to cancel redness if you’d like to redo your makeup after a facial.  My facial technician squeezed some redheads on my nose and I had 4 red marks on my nose afterward.

Hopefully first time spa goers find some of my random tips useful.

Have you ever been to a spa?  What was your experience?  Let me know in the comments down below!


Thanks for reading!


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