New Polish Purchase! : Essie Ballet Slippers

Nude polishes…so chic, so elegant, so…clean.  I can’t describe the feeling, but there’s something clean feeling about wearing nude polish.

Essie makes some of the loveliest nude polish shades in the drugstore.  So far, I own two polishes from the Essie line: Ladylike and Mochacino.  Now welcome the latest addition to my collection: Essie Ballet Slippers.

Photo Apr 10, 10 53 53 PM

First impression: what a cute color!  Ballet Slippers is a dainty, feminine, light, milky white shade.  It’s not a thick, opaque white, but rather a milky translucent white.

I currently own the shade White On from Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear line of polishes, which i find a bit hard to wear because of it’s opaque whiteout-esque shade.  I think this milky translucent shade is much easier to wear and am considering replacing my White On polish with Ballet Slippers rather than keeping both.

Once again, Essie knocks it out of the park with their nude polishes!


Thanks for reading!



    1. Definitely give it a try! I’m obsessed with it. I usually don’t repeat nail colors back to back, but I’ve redone my nails 3 times in a row with this polish.

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