First Impressions: From Android (LG G3) to iPhone (6s)

As you can tell from the title, today’s post is going to be a non-beauty post.  In researching my new phone before purchasing, I came across a lot of comparison type articles online and found them to be rather helpful, so I thought I’d add to the mix =)

LG G3 vs. iPhone 6s I

Brief history: I’ve always used Android phones, and have had this latest phone, the LG G3, for about 2 years.  Recently, I started having issues with the phone restarting itself every couple hours, and sometimes completely dying, at which point I would have to remove and reinsert the battery to turn the phone back on.  A few days ago, I charged the phone overnight as I always do, and realized there was a problem when I woke up to my backup alarm and not my primary phone alarm.  The phone had died while charging and was scorching hot.

Reasons I wanted to try an iPhone next:

  • I’ve always loved the look of Apple products.  They’re sleek, slim, and pretty.
  • I’ve never had an iPhone before, so why not try something different?
  • A lot of products, such as phone cases, are available in a massive variety of colors and styles for iPhones, but not as much for Androids.

Reasons I didn’t want to try an iPhone:

  • Comfort.  I’m very familiar with Android phones, and not the slightest bit familiar with iPhones.
  • Lack of customization.  I am not a fan of the iPhone homescreen.  On my Android, I customized everything, from the wallpaper, to the icons, to the fonts.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you can’t easily customize the icons on an iPhone.

So, on to the first impressions:

LG G3 vs. iPhone 6s II

The iPhone 6s is only slightly smaller than my LG G3, maybe half an inch smaller in height and length.  It is not a noticeable difference at all, and the iPhone 6s screen is still large enough for me to comfortably view things.

LG G3 vs. iPhone 6s III

The iPhone 6s seems much slimmer than the LG G3.  The LG G3 has that extra curved white layer on the back that adds a bit more thickness to the phone.

That being said, although the iPhone 6s is slimmer, weight-wise, both phones feel similar.

LG G3 vs. iPhone IV

One thing I liked about the iPhone was that the keyboard seems a lot…smoother…to use than my Android phone.  I don’t know if it’s the sensitivity of the screen or what, but when I text on the iPhone, it just seems to flow more easily than on an Android. Hard to explain the feeling…

One thing about the iPhone that I personally considered to be a flaw was that there was no option to set an alarm that only vibrates, with no sound.  If you set the vibrate option to on, but set the sound to none, the alarm neither vibrates nor rings.  To work around this, you need to download a silent ringtone.  Then when you set your alarm, you need to turn the vibrate on, and turn the silent ringtone on.  Lastly, you need to go into sounds under settings and switch on the option to vibrate on ring.  If you do not switch this on, the silent ringtone solution will not work.  The pain with that is that when I receive phone calls, I prefer them to ring without vibrating.  I just can’t win!

As I discover more pros and cons about my new phone, I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Let me know in the comments down below:

Are you pro-Android or pro-iPhone?


Thanks for reading!



  1. I want to say I’m totally pro android, but the closest I’ve ever come to owning an iphone is using my friends’. I like that androids allow you to kind of custom pick everything – screen size, storage amount, pricing, thinness, etc., but I always have iphone case envy! I would love to be able to buy cool cases at any store or buy random trendy cases!

    1. I have the exact same sentiment! I felt kind of silly knowing that one of the reasons I wanted an iPhone was for the aesthetic and because of the case options, but if I’m to be honest, that was totally one of the biggest reasons I wanted an iPhone!

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