ASOS Haul: Dresses & Tops

For the past few months, I’ve been on the hunt for a bridesmaid dress to wear to my sister’s wedding – something muted and light that would fit a rustic wedding theme.  I had my eye on a dress from ASOS, and I was crossing my fingers that this dress would end the search.  While I was at it, I thew in a retro chic dress and a modern trend top.

ASOS PETITE Spot Waterfall Pencil Dress – Multi

ASOS PETITE Spot Waterfall Pencil Dress - Multi

I was drawn to this dress for several reasons: the polka dot print, the pencil skirt silhouette, the cinched waist, and the overall retro chic style.

ASOS PETITE Spot Waterfall Pencil Dress - Multi Side View

Overall, the fit was true to size.  I ordered a petite 00, my normal size, and for the most part, the dress fits well.  Ideally, I am thinking of keeping this dress and taking it to my tailor to have the hips pinched in a bit to hug the hips and rear more, and the length shortened by an inch to sit cleanly above my knees (it may be hard to tell, but right now the hem covers my knee cap slightly).

ASOS PETITE Embellished Floral Trim Flutter Sleeve Mini – Mint 

This was the dress I intended to wear as a bridesmaid dress at my sister’s wedding.

ASOS PETITE Embellished Floral Trim Flutter Sleeve Mini - Mint

…oh boy.  I really thought this dress was going to be a winner.  The silhouette was unique, with light, billowy fabric, delicate flutter sleeves, and a color scheme that would fit beautifully with her rustic theme.  Plus, the bejeweled neckline would save me from having to accessorize!

ASOS PETITE Embellished Floral Trim Flutter Sleeve Mini - Mint Side View

Unfortunately, I don’t think this dress is going to be a keeper.  I can’t remember the last time I put a dress on and felt so fussy and fidgety while wearing it.  The weight of the bejeweled neckline caused the front of the dress to pull forward, making the front appear longer than the back.  I wouldn’t have noticed if it hadn’t been for these pictures, because the weight of the jewels doesn’t feel heavy at all.  It wasn’t until I looked at the pictures I had taken and realized what was happening.  In the picture above, I had tugged heavily on the back of the dress to even it out with the front hem.

What made me the most fidgety was the fact that the dress was staticky all over and clung uncomfortably to every inch of my body .

While the dress wasn’t too terrible, I just don’t want to risk wearing a dress to my sister’s wedding that I would be fidgeting in and adjusting all day long.  I’ll be trying this on one more time before making a final decision, but right now, it’s a return =(

ASOS PETITE Top with Tie Shoulder Knot Details – Gray

I love off-the-shoulder tops, but have always found them to be far too impractical to wear. It’s only off the shoulder until you raise your arms to grab something and woops! it’s on the shoulder now.  For that reason, the next best thing in my mind is an off-the-shoulder top with shoulder straps to keep everything in place.

ASOS PETITE Top with Tie Shoulder Knot Details - Gray

On the model, this top was worn as an off-the-shoulder top.  I pulled it up a bit to sit on the shoulders just to see if it would work, and it seems to work both ways.

The top fits like a glove – the length, the width of the body, the width and length of the sleeves – all snug.

I actually thought the straps would be pre-tied, but they actually come untied so that you can tie it as tight or loose as you’d like.  I would have preferred that the straps come pre-tied, because I found it to be a bit of a hassle to try and tie it nicely myself.  For that reason, I’m debating whether or not I’ll be keeping this one.  How often will I wear this top if I’m always conscious of how poorly I tied the straps?

That’s all for my little haul today.  Hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought and my thoughts on each piece.


Thanks for reading!


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