Empties: Makeup, Skincare, and Candles

Happy New Years Everyone!  Just popping in with a quick empties post.


Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil

Anastasia is the only line of brow products I ever use.  I alternate between the brow wiz pencil and the brow definer.  I recently used up my 3rd or 4th brow wiz pencil in the shade dark brown.  The brow wiz comes with a fine tip pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other end that’s great for blending the product into your natural brow.  The fine tip allows for precision and a light look that’s natural and not too heavy.

Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara

After trying out a series of different Maybelline and L’Oreal mascaras, I decided to go back to the Maybelline the Rocket Mascara in waterproof, which seemed to be the best out of all the drugstore mascaras I’d tried.  But as I had heard good things from a lot of YouTubers about the Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara, I thought I would give one last drugstore mascara a try before returning to Maybelline The Rocket.

While I didn’t have any issues with clumping or smudging with the Super Sizer, it just couldn’t hold a curl at all.  It wasn’t as terrible as non-waterproof mascaras, which uncurl my lashes as soon as I apply them, but I’d say within a couple hours the Super Sizer manages to uncurl my lashes.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Top Coat

At the risk of sounding dramatic, I hated this product.  If you can’t tell from the photos, this product is actually nowhere near being empty.  I’ve had this product for a while now, reaching for it every time I do my nails, hoping that it would be different.  This top coat is awfully thick and goopy, coming out of the bottle not as a liquid, but as one thick glob of top coat.  The glob is not easy to spread out over your nails, and often times will end up pulling on your polish layer and dragging it with the glob, ruining your new manicure.  I had to toss this top coat before I was tempted to use it again and ruin yet another manicure.


Simple Foaming Cleanser

I’v been a loyal user of Simple skincare products for years.  Normally, I use the Simple Moisturiing Facial Wash.  Lately, I’ve been purchasing the foaming cleanser because the store I normally go to hasn’t had the moisturizing facial wash in stock.  Having used both, I find that the foaming cleanser tends to be much more drying.  However, in terms of cleansing power, it does the job.

Beauty 360 Lip Balm & Softlips Cube Lip Balm

I’ve hoarded enough lip balms to last a lifetime, so it felt like quite the achievement to polish off two from my collection.  Both lip balms smelled nice and sweet, worked well at keeping my lips moisturized, and lasted a few hours before needing to be reapplied.


Signature Soy Scented Candle in Pumpkin Gingerbread

One of the most comforting and feel-good feelings for me is burning a candle in my room on cold fall/winter nights.  On a trip to Target a couple months back, I hoarded several fall scented candles that were all marked down in price.  The first of the bunch that I finished burning was the Signature Soy Scented Candle in Pumpkin Gingerbread.  In the jar, it smells like a light, fall, pumpkin gingerbread scent.  As it’s burning, the scent isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be.  Nonetheless, the act of burning the candle is still soothing to me, so it wasn’t a total loss.

That’s all my empties for now.  Hope you enjoyed this post.  Happy new year and thanks for reading!



  1. I haven’t use the Anastasia brow pencil but their pomades are great. And they also stay for quite a long period of time. Great post.
    Would be really glad if you could check out my recent blog post. Thank you so much. Xoxo

    1. I’ve been thinking about trying the pomade! I’ve been hesitant to try it because I didn’t know if it was more time consuming to use the pomade vs. the pencils. I’m a last minute person and tend to leave myself juuuust enough time to do my very minimal makeup routine.

  2. I enjoyed this post especially that you was honest when you didn’t like a product. I also don’t like that top coat. I have yet to find one that I honestly like.

    1. Thank you so much! I try to be as honest as possible with my reviews of products, otherwise my review wouldn’t be helpful to my readers! I’m curious to try quick dry top coats to see if they really work. I am horribly clumsy and always always always scuff my nails before they can fully dry.

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