ASOS Haul: Pinafores, Button-Downs, and Purses

I’ve been on an ASOS kick lately, placing order after order after order. As usual, I thought I’d do an ASOS haul, show you what I bought, give you my thoughts on all the pieces, and let you know which items I’ll be keeping and which items I’ll be returning.  Without further ado, let’s get on to the haul!

ASOS PREMIUM Structured A-Line Dress With Lace Top

First up is a dress that just screamed Self-Portrait to me when I saw it online.  It has this beautiful black lace detailing at the top and a navy blue A-line body.  I desperately wanted this dress to work out, but as it is not available in petite sizing, and the smallest size available was a 0, not my usual 00, the dress just did not fit right.


Although the dress is meant to be much shorter, I don’t mind it hitting right above my knees.  However, what I couldn’t ignore was the fact that there was extra fabric everywhere, including the armholes which were far too large, and the sleeves which were far too long on my petite frame.

Verdict: return

ASOS 3/4 Sleeve White Shirt IN STRETCH COTTON

I’ve been loving button-down shirts lately – dressed casually with a pair of jeans or paired with a pair of trousers for work.  Most of the white button-downs I’ve come across are long-sleeved, collared button-downs.  When I spotted this white shirt on ASOS with a 3/4 length sleeve, I thought it was a simple, but different detail that might be nice to add to my wardrobe.  But as with the dress above, this shirt only came in regular sizing and was only available in as small as a size 0.


Although it’s doesn’t look terribly large in these pictures, there is quite a bit of extra fabric all over, and the sleeves were about an inch and a half to two inches too long.

The moment I put this top on, I was ready to take it off and place it in the return pile.  But then I thought I would try it on with another piece in my haul…

ASOS PETITE Column Pinafore Dress

…which is a simple, black pinafore dress.


I. LOVE. this pinafore dress.  It’s adorable!  It’s no surprise that the pinafore dress was a winner because it was the only piece in my haul that I was able to purchase in my size, petite 00.  The length of the dress was perfect and unlike the first two pieces, there wasn’t a ton of excess fabric on this dress.

I loved the look of the button-down shirt paired with the black pinafore dress.  There’s something so smart looking about it.  After cuffing the sleeves up once and layering it under the pinafore dress, it doesn’t look quite as large as it did on its own.  I’m contemplating keeping the shirt, as it will likely shrink in the dryer as well.

Verdict: definitely keeping the pinafore dress, likely keeping the button-down shirt

Lotus Fold Over Clutch Bag

I’ve been on the hunt for a simple, rectangular, clutch purse for the longest time.  When I say simple, I mean I wanted a purse that had no embellishment whatsoever.  I came across some bags in my search that were almost what I was looking for, but they always ended up having some bit of embellishment that made it a no-go.  When I spotted this navy blue clutch on ASOS, I was hopeful that I had finally found that bag I was looking for.


And it was.  Online, I could tell that it met my expectations in terms of being simple and classic without any embellishment.  However, the pictures didn’t show what the strap would look like, how long the strap would be, and of course, it was difficult to tell what the quality of the purse would be.

I am happy to report that the purse comes with a detachable medium length strap that is the perfect length for my petite frame.  The purse is a structured purse and feels quite sturdy.  One ever so slight drawback is that the strap attaches to the clutch via a snap button closure, and one of the buttons on my purse sometimes will come undone if I tug on the purse the wrong way.  Not sure if it’s a flaw with all the purses or just a fluke with my purse.  Another ever so slight drawback is that the purse was delivered to me with the strap rolled up and secured with an elastic, so that once I unrolled the strap, the strap does not lie flat.  I am hoping it will straighten out with wear.

Verdict: definitely keeping


Lastly, I purchased a white body with long sleeves, with the intention of layering it under a sleeveless sweater dress I currently own.  As with the lace dress and button-down, I once again purchased this body in a regular 0, the smallest size available.  There were so many things wrong with the fit of this body – the length was far too long, the neckline was far too wide causing the sleeves to fall completely off my shoulders, and sleeves were far too baggy.  I didn’t take a picture of myself in the body, but here’s a picture of the item itself:


Verdict: absolutely positively returning

So all in all, I’ve learned my lesson after 3 ASOS hauls that have all involved returns.  I clearly cannot fit into a regular 0 and really ought to stop ordering items in this size hoping that they’ll fit.  It’s just such a shame because there are so many options available in size 0 that are not available as a 00.  Oh well…

I hope you enjoyed this haul.  Leave me comments down below letting me know what you think!


Thank you for reading!



    1. Agreed! I’ve had my eye on a couple of Kate Spade purses in a similar size and shape, but all the straps are incredibly long. Sometimes I have to wonder who designers make their items for. Not everyone is a 7 foot tall model!

  1. Love your haul!! Too bad the first dress wasn’t the fit you wanted- it definitely screams self portrait! Been loving all the lace designs lately 🙂 Hope you find a better one soon 🙂

    x Helen

    1. Aw thank you! I’ve also toyed with the idea of saving up and investing in a real Self Portrait dress, but I’ve noticed they only come in as small as a size 0, and I’m not sure how small their size 0 is =(

      1. I’ve seen a few on ASOS that are currently also discounted!!! They’re return policy is so great- maybe take a look 🙂 ?

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