ASOS Haul: Tops, Dresses, and Shoes


I’ve been on an ASOS kick lately.  Days after I placed my first order from ASOS (see my review here), I placed a second, larger order =(!  I love seeing other’s ASOS hauls, so I thought I’d share with you my own little ASOS haul.  Let’s get onto the clothes!

ASOS Lace Pencil Dress


This dress was the piece that I was most looking forward to in my entire ASOS haul. I’ve been admiring Self Portrait dresses lately, with their delicate lace designs and intricate details.  This dress just seemed to emulate that classic Self Portrait style so nicely, I knew I had to buy it the moment I saw it.

Although I am a size US 00, the smallest size this dress came in was a size US 0, which is the size pictured above.  Considering I had to size up one size, I think the dress fits fairly well.  It is slightly roomy in the hips, but not so much that I would consider returning it or bringing it to a tailor.

ASOS PETITE Cold Shoulder Dress with Lace Trim


I’ve been loving the cold shoulder style lately, but have yet to purchase anything in that style to add to my wardrobe.  When I spotted this cold shoulder dress with lace trim, I just thought it looked so fluttery and pretty, and perfect for spring and summer (for next year of course).

In person, I adore the cold shoulder and lace detailing just as much as I did in the pictures.  However, from the side, there is quite a bit of extra fabric…  For this reason, I’m unsure at the moment whether or not I will end up keeping this.

I also purchased this dress in my usual US 00.


ASOS Shirred Sun Top

Let’s start with the most important fact about this top that I purchased from ASOS, which is that the top I received WAS NOT THE TOP I ORDERED.  For your reference, the top I ordered looked like this:


The top I received looked like this:


But let’s put that tidbit of human error aside for a moment and focus on the top itself, shall we?

The style of the top was rather pretty and feminine.  It was a flowy, white sleeveless top with ruffle detailing at the bottom and a keyhole back.

The top pictured above is a US size 0, which was the correct size that I ordered, albeit for a different top.  In size 0, this top was far too large. In addition to the excess fabric at the sides, the armholes were also far too large.  As you can imagine, this item will be going back for several reasons.


ASOS FRACTION Embroidered Flat Sandals

Last but not least in my haul is a piece that I was most disappointed to have to return, which are the ASOS FRACTION Embroidered Flat Sandals.

The top part of the shoe has a dusty rose mesh panel covered in little purple, plum, fuschia, and black stitched butterflies.  The back part of the shoe has silver straps that lace up and around your ankle.

I already had my eye on these sandals when I first saw them, but when I saw that one of my favorite YouTubers, inthefrow, had also purchased these sandals, that was it for me.

Unfortunately, as much as I loved these shoes online and in person, they will be going back to ASOS, as they are at least half an inch to an inch too big.


If you read my last blog post on my first ASOS order, you’ll know that this is the second time I’ve purchased shoes from ASOS in my usual shoe size, US 4, and both times the shoes have been too large.

Before purchasing the first pair, I researched size conversions between UK shoe sizes and US shoe sizes and found that a UK shoe size is 2 numbers smaller than its equivalent US shoe size, which means that my US size 4 would be a UK size 2.

When the first pair of shoes I purchased were too large, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking it might have just been that particular shoe.  After the second pair turned out to be too large as well, I decided to do some more research into ASOS shoe sizing. Oddly, ASOS shoe sizing states that a US size 5 shoe is for someone with an 8.5″ foot, and a US size 4 is also for someone with an 8.5″ foot…  As my foot measures 8″ in length, that explains why both pairs of shoes were about a half inch too large.  What baffles me is why ASOS would offer two shoe sizes that are essentially the same size?

Either way, it’s a lesson learned.  I will have to be careful not to be tempted by ASOS shoes again in the future.


So that’s the end of my haul.  I hope you enjoyed reading this post.  Leave me any thoughts and comments below!



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