ASOS Haul: Black Suede Flats & Turtleneck Knit Top

…and by “haul,” I mean two items.  I recently purchased a pair of black suede flat shoes and a turtleneck knit top from ASOS.  As I’ve never purchased anything from ASOS, I was hesitant about the quality of the products.  I searched high and low for reviews, particularly on the quality of ASOS shoes.  If I have the chance to avoid purchasing a pair of shoes that will give me blisters, I’d like to take that chance!  Since I struck out in my search for substantial reviews, I thought I would do a review of my purchases in case anyone is looking for a review like I was.

ASOS Lost Pointed Ballet Flats

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of simple, black, suede, pointy toe flat shoes to add to my wardrobe.  For such a simple shoe, it was surprisingly hard to find!  I stumbled across this pair from ASOS and crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t be terribly stiff and cause me horrible blisters.

ASOS Lost Pointed Flat.jpg

Maybe I didn’t cross my fingers tight enough.  There’s not much more I can say about these flats other than they were extremely stiff and unbendable.  They looked classic and beautiful, exactly what I was looking for, and it was such a shame to let them go.  I just didn’t see these stretching and breaking in at all with wear =(

In terms of sizing, I ordered my usual shoe size, US size 4.  There was at least a half inch gap at the back of the foot.  No amount of padding could reasonably make these flats fit.


Verdict: definite return!

ASOS Petite Turtleneck with Long Sleeves in Charcoal

I’ve been itching to get my hands on some turtlenecks this season.  I’ve never been one for turtlenecks, but for whatever reason, this year, it’s all I’m about.  As with the shoes, for such a basic article of clothing, it was surprisngly difficult to find what I was looking for. This charcoal gray turtleneck from ASOS looked so nice, slim, and fitted on the model, that I once again crossed my fingers and hoped it would look just as fitted on me.


I. LOVED. this turtleneck.  It was perfectly snug and fitted, just like I imagined.  The fabric was a soft, stretchy knit that I don’t believe will be prone to pilling with time. While the package was still on its way, I was already picturing pairing it with my black, skinny ponte pants and my black, leather, slit-front booties.

I also purchased my usual size in this turtleneck, a petite US 00, and it fit like a glove.

Here’s a close-up of the fabric of the top:


Verdict: absolutely positively keep!


Hope you enjoyed this post!  Thanks for reading!


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