Makeup Review: Highlighters: Maybelline Strobing Stick


I adore highlighters.  They make me sparkle and shine.  If you’ve read my past beauty posts, you’ll know I have an obsession with the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop.  Champagne Pop is my holy grail highlighter, against which I can’t help but compare and contrast all other highlighters I purchase.

A few blog posts ago, I posted a review about the Revlon Highlighting Stick in the shade Pink Light.  In that review, I mentioned that I originally had my heart set on the Maybelline Strobing Stick, but as I couldn’t get my hands on it at the time, my antsy self couldn’t wait and decided to purchase the Revlon stick in the meantime to satiate my highlighter addiction.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I managed to get my hands on the Maybelline Strobing Stick at CVS.  Cue the angels, halos, and choir singing.

Maybelline Strobing Stick.jpg

As far as a drugstore highlighter goes, I was quite pleased with the Maybelline Strobing Stick.  It glides on smoothly onto the skin, blends easily, and catches the light quite nicely for a drugstore product.


While the Revlon Highlighting Stick was a pearlescent white shade with a slight touch of pink, the Maybelline Strobing Stick was much more pink toned.  On my yellow skin tone, the pearlescence of the Revlon Stick was a bit light, and didn’t seem to pair with my skintone well.  I would say the Revlon Stick in the Pink Light shade would be more appropriate for someone with an ivory or porcelain type skintone. If your skin tone has even the slightest bit of color to it, I would recommend opting for the more pink toned Maybelline Stick.


For a drugstore highlighter, I think it does a rather decent job of catching the light.  Yikes!  Excuse the dead lipstick-less lips!

In terms of lasting power, I put on the Maybelline highlighter in the morning and by the afternoon, I can still see hints of highlighter on the top of my cheekbones.  If my memory serves me right, the Revlon highlighter didn’t last more than a couple hours.

Now for the million dollar question: can the Maybelline Strobing Stick serve as a dupe for the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop?  NO!  While I am enjoying the Maybelline Strobing Stick, I think Becca has set the bar so high for me in terms of highlighters, that I almost don’t really expect anything to rival it.  That being said, for a drugstore product, I think Maybelline did a pretty good job with their highlighter.  I am pleasantly surprised every time I use the Strobing Stick at how well it catches the light.


Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve tried any of these highlighters and what your thoughts were!



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