OOTD: Cozy Chunky Sweater & Heels

I finally finally finally had a day off, which means I finally had a chance to go get my hair done.  The last time I brought my wild mop of hair to the hairdresser was probably a year or so ago, so it’s been long overdue!  I thought I’d share with you my very basic OOTD from that day…

Lately I’ve been liking the idea of pairing my more casual outfits with a pair of heels – the look is still casual, but just a touch more elevated.


So sorry for the grainy photos!  I took these after sunset and the lighting was awful.  

A simple, but comfortable outfit: large, chunky, cream colored sweater; fitted, black, skinny ponte pants; and black pointy toe pumps.


And of course, I can’t get ready in the fall without putting on a berry colored lipstick.  For this outfit, I chose my MAC lipstick in the shade Plumful.  Unfortunately, the picture and lighting in this photo don’t do it justice, but it’s a beautiful plum color that veers more on the pink side than the purple side.



What do you wear on your casual days off?



  1. I love the jumper and the lipstick, somehow I can never be confident enough to wear heels. I love them to bits but I just feel a bit awkward wearing them.
    I dunno what it is.
    I wish I can wear them more often.
    Loved the look anyways…

    1. I completely understand that feeling! But I have so many heels that don’t get nearly enough use, so I’ve been trying to put them to more use.

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