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Let’s mix it up with a non-beauty post today, shall we?  I get an odd sense of satisfaction out of watching organization videos from my favorite YouTubers – seeing how they structure their day, how they plan busy schedules, and other videos of the sort.

Over the years, I’ve tried different methods of organization, but for the past couple years, I’ve streamlined it down to a couple methods that have worked the best for my lifestyle…

Phone/Electronic Calender

Purpose: work schedule

As I do not work a typical 9 to 5 job, my shifts vary day to day, so I like to input my work schedule into a calendar.  Inputting my schedule into a calendar gives me visibility into my days off, so that I can plan errands, meetings, or hangouts with friends and family.

I’ve found success with both an electronic calendar on my phone and a handwritten pocket calendar.  I used to prefer an electronic calendar, as I did not want to carry a pocket calendar around, but my phone would always be by my side and easily accessible.  Lately, however, I’ve found something nice and tactile about a handwritten pocket calendar.

At the moment, I have been inputting my work schedule into my pocket calendar and inputting “events” such as credit card bill due dates into my electronic calendar with a reminder that populates in the notifications bar 3 days in advance.

For electronic calendars, the one I’ve been using for a couple years now is the Jorte calendar app.



For the purposes of this blog post, the pictures taken are of the apps on my tablet and not my cellphone.  I normally use my cellphone to take blog pictures, and unfortunately did not have a separate camera to take a picture of the apps on my actual cellphone.

Post-It Memos

Purpose: urgent tasks

For urgent tasks – that is, tasks with deadlines in the next couple days or tasks with bad consequences if forgotten – I absolutely have to create a memo in a place that I am bound to see and that is impossible to ignore.  For me, that place is on my phone.

For a year or more, I have been using the ColorNote app’s widget. Under my widgets menu, I drag the “ColorNote Sticky 2×2” widget to my main screen, creating an electronic post-it note with a title along the lines of “REMEMBER!!!!” followed by the urgent task to be completed.  Every morning when I turn off my alarm, I see my post-it note.  Throughout the day, every time I check my phone, I see my post-it note.  At night, when I set my alarm, I see my post-it note. How could I forget I have an urgent task?


Post-It Memos Again!

Purpose: long term tasks & deadlines

While I use electronic post-it memos for urgent tasks, I use actual, physical post-it notes for long term tasks and deadlines.  I keep a magnetized chalkboard with speech bubble magnets on my desk, where I stick post-it note memos with long term to-dos.

I used to stick the post-it notes all over my desk hutch, but this method is so much more visually appealing!

Desk Organization.jpg


Purpose: daily tasks with set time

If you have a task that happens at the same time every day, or the same time and day every week, whatever it may be, you may find it useful to set an alarm on your phone to ring 10-15 minutes before, to remind you to hop on that task.

For example, I have a conference call every week on the same day at the same time.  To ensure I do not forget about my conference call in the hustle and bustle of the work day, I might set an alarm 10 minutes before the scheduled conference time, giving me plenty of time to dial in and sit there waiting, twiddling my thumbs.


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