Review: Revlon Highlighting Stick

I adore highlighters – every size, shape, formula, shade, and brand – I want to own them all.  Ever since Maybelline launched their new strobing stick, I’ve been on the hunt high and low for it.  Having struck out left and right, when I stumbled upon the strikingly similar Revlon Highlighting Stick, I jumped at the opportunity.  Read on for my thoughts on this product!


The Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick comes in two shades: pink light and gold light.  The shade I purchased, pictured above, was pink light – a pearlescent pale pink highlight.

When I purchased this highlighting stick, my hope was to add a creamy highlighter to my collection that would give a dewy, natural look.  Unfortunately, the formula of this highlighter was not anything to write home about.  It was a rather dry formula, that neither glided on as smoothly as I had hoped, nor blended as seamlessly as I had hoped. After using my finger to blend the highlighter into my cheek, I could see little swirl marks in the highlighter.  The staying power of the highlighter does not last all day long.

That being said, the highlighter wasn’t absolutely terrible, at least, not terrible enough for me to return.  It does manage to catch the light, albeit not as strikingly as my beloved Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop.


However, what did irk me was the packaging of the product.  After only one or two uses, I went to use the highlighter, opened the cap, and the entire tube of highlighter came apart from the bullet and landed on the floor.


While this isn’t a luxury product by any means, even for the price of $15, I would have expected better quality for the price.  Tsk tsk Revlon!  Not impressed.



  1. Oh no! I feel like my fear with non-pressed powder is that it won’t blend out right or will be drying (my dry patches love to hide out until the slightest opportunity from a dry formula to appear)!

    1. I can see that happening with the Revlon stick because it definitely did not want to blend, and you could see swirl marks from your fingers after “blending”, which might accentuate dry spots. I went shopping today and swatched the Albeit Shimmer Stick from Anthropologie and it was very smooth and shimmery. It was what I had hoped the Revlon stick would be. If you’re near an Anthropologie and $24 isn’t out of your price range, maybe give it a swatch and see if you like it!

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