Fall Nail Colors: Essie Playing Koi, Essie Pushing Petals & Revlon Jungle

One of the most beautiful things about fall are the warm colors and deep hues it brings – whether it be into the trees and falling leaves, or into our clothing, makeup, and nail polish choices.  Every year, I look forward to the fall season and seeing the rich burgundy, violet, berry, rust, and bronze colors, among others, reemerging in fall clothing lines and makeup launches.

Recently, I added 3 fall nail polish colors to my collection, and I am SO excited to wear them all.


From left to right: Essie Playing Koi, Essie Pushing Petals, Revlon Jungle

Essie Playing Koi

Playing Koi struck my fancy the very first time I saw it in stores.  There was something rather unusual and different about the color, unlike anything I’d ever seen before.  It’s not quite brown, and not quite orange, but rather a mixture of both.  I feel as if Playing Koi epitomizes fall, in that if you could turn “fall” into a nail polish and bottle it up, it would look like Playing Koi.

Essie Pushing Petals

Pushing Petals I would say is not a strictly fall nail polish color.  It’s a cool, blue-toned gray that makes for a neutral polish with a twist.  There’s something about the dustiness of the color though that makes it rather warm and fall appropriate.

And as I’m taking the photographs for this blog post, I am wearing…


Revlon Jungle

The dark forest green color of Revlon’s Jungle pairs beautifully with all the colors that fall brings. I was hesistant the first time I used Jungle, unsure whether or not it would clash with the colors in my wardrobe, but I’ve found it very easy and compatible to wear.  One thing to note, however, is that after two coats of this polish, at a glance it appears more black than green.  If you’re looking for a polish that is noticeably green, this may not be for you.

So what are your favorite colors to wear for fall?  Do you have go-to makeup and nail polishes that you bring out every year for the fall season?  Let me know in the comments down below!


Leave me your random thoughts & ramblings below =)

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