SensatioNail by Nailene Gel Polish Removal Kit

I love all things sparkly, glittery, and shimmery – from highlighters, to eyeshadows, to glitter nail polish.  While glitter polish looks great on the nails, removing glitter polish is a source of frustration like no other.

So how do you remove glitter nail polish?  So far, I’ve come across two very similar methods.  Continue reading to find out!

A while back, I stumbled across a Youtube video by From Head to Toe, in which she talked about a way to remove glitter nail polish at home.

From Head to Toe’s steps:

  1. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover
  2. Tear the cotton ball into small pieces and place one piece on each fingernail
  3. Wrap each finger (with the cotton piece still on the nail) in foil
  4. After several minutes, remove the foil and cotton, and the glitter polish will come right off

When I first watched this video, my first reaction was, “that’s a LOT of work every time I want to remove glitter nail polish.”

Some time after watching that video, I was in CVS and spotted these SensatioNail Gel Polish Removal Kits:


The idea is exactly the same as From Head to Toe’s, with one less step.


Each box of the SensatioNail Gel Removal Kit comes with 3 packs, each containing 10 foil sheets for your 10 little phelanges.

SensatioNail Gel Removal Kit steps:

  1. Each foil sheet has a cotton square attached to it.  Soak the square in nail polish remover.
  2. Wrap your finger in the foil so that your nail is aligned with the cotton square, and keep it on for several minutes.
  3. After several minutes, remove the foil.

Upon removal, I like to press down on the cotton square as I’m pulling the foil off.  The glitter nail polish will come right off with the cotton square.  If there are any tiny remnants of polish on the nail, I can easily remove that with a cotton ball and some alcohol.

The SensatioNail Gel Polish Removal Kit works great for what it’s intended to do.  To be honest, I still find it a lot of work just to remove glitter nail polish.  Unfortunately for me, I just end up limiting the number of times I use glitter nail polish, and when I do, I use this product to remove it once it starts to chip.

What are your thoughts on glitter nail polish?  Does the struggle to remove it deter you from wearing it?  Do you have any home remedies for glitter polish removal?


Leave me your random thoughts & ramblings below =)

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