The Basic Closet Essentials

When we have basic staples in our wardrobe, accessories, and shoe collection, we can help ourselves to have a simpler, more hassle-free morning.

Classic Colors

I mentioned in a previous post how I often center my outfits around the classic black and white or classic black, white, and red combinations.  These color combinations are effortlessly elegant, flawless, and chic.  Choose pieces for your wardrobe in classic, neutral colors that can be mixed and matched in a myriad of ways to maximize your wardrobe.  In addition to black, white, and red, other classic and chic colors you might consider are cream, off-white, and blush pink.

Fabrics 2

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings can be simple, easy, fuss-free options if chosen wisely.  Opt for a pair of pearls (authentic or faux), diamonds (or cubic zirconia), or monochrome button earrings for an elegant, understated look.  For a trendier, but still classic look, you can opt for a dainty pair of pearl or diamond crawlers.

Earrings 2

Black Flat Shoes

Black flat shoes are essential to building a foundation for your shoe collection.  A pair of plain, unembellished black flats can be paired with everything in your wardrobe.  Bear in mind the texture of the pair you choose – take care to choose a pair whose texture is compatible with the fabrics in your wardrobe. For example, depending on the pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, patent flats may be too striking, and suede may appear seasonally mismatched when paired with lighter fabrics.  Personally for my wardrobe, I find that a pair of matte black flats works best with the fabrics in my wardrobe year round.

Structured Purse

Compliment your outfit with a classic, structured purse in neutral shades to maintain that sophisticated, streamlined, put-together look.  Keeping it in the neutral color family allows you to pair it with several pieces in your wardrobe.

Bag 2




    1. Definitely! They give the illusion that you put in extra effort to look presentable in the morning, when really they take no effort at all!

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