Big Bad Dark Circles: Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

Let’s talk concealers!

I used to use the Maybelline Instant Age Rewinder Eraser for dark circles.  It was working decently well at first, but over time I started to feel like it was lacking something.  Every time I went to use it, I would twist and twist and twist the tube, but I never felt like I was getting that much concealer out of it.  The amount of concealer I got out of it to me felt like it was the remainder of concealer that was leftover on the sponge after the last time I used it.  Plus, after using a beauty blender to blend it out, the layer became very sheer and I could still see the pigmentation from my dark circles.  So I decided to look into Tarte concealers, since my foundation purchase was such a hit.

Tarte Maracuja Concealer I

SHADE >> I got the shade “fair.”  But here’s the twist: I’m NOT the shade fair!  After watching a YouTube beauty vlogger’s skillfully done video on concealers, I followed her suggestion that you go one shade lighter for under-eye concealer, and that you get something slightly pinky/salmony to counteract the purple of dark circles.  When I bought the Tarte foundation, I bought the shade “fair light neutral,” which is for fair to light skin with yellow and pink undertones – that’s me!  For the concealer, I went with “fair,” which is for fair skin with pink undertones – one shade lighter and pink undertones –> check and check!  As I mentioned in my post about the Tarte foundation, the label on the base of the tub of foundation has the shade and a description of what skin tone that shade is good for.  The tubes of concealer DO NOT have this information printed anywhere, but they do provide the information online, so be sure to determine your shade online before going into the store to purchase!

Tarte Maracuja Concealer II

FIRST IMPRESSION >> To be honest, my first impression was, “oh my gosh!  This is SO sticky!  This isn’t going to work.  Oh my gosh!  It’s getting everywhere!  Ok, I’m returning this tomorrow.”  I don’t know what it is about this concealer…maybe it’s that it doesn’t absorb into the skin?…but whatever the reason, what would be considered a normal amount with other concealers will be WAY TOO MUCH with this concealer.  Take my word for it.  If you use a normal amount, you’ll find yourself patting the concealer everywhere on your face to try to get rid of the excess.

MY THOUGHTS NOW >> So that issue was definitely a turn off for me at first, but I’ve since learned the trick that works for me.  I squeeze the tube ever so slightly until the concealer comes just to the rim.  You don’t even want the concealer to come out of the tube.  Weird, right?  Just squeeze until it comes to the rim, then use your finger to dab some from the tip of the tube, and then dab your under-eye area with your finger.  Voila!

I also prime the under-eye area with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  I’ve found that the combination has been working well so far to counteract my dark circles without creasing.  And to think I was so close to returning the little thing to Sephora.



  1. i’ve been looking for the right under eye concealer forever, and i think you may have expedited my search (: i’m going to try this!

    1. I’m glad you found this useful! I really hope it works well for you. I like it, but it was such a challenge to get it to work for me. Drop by and let me know how it turns out for you, I’d love to hear your input!

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