Empties!: Products I’ve Used Up

It’s an oddly satisfying feeling when you use up the last of a product.  It kind of makes it feel like it was worth your money.  A little while ago, I finished up 3 products:


First up, I finished a bottle of body lotion from Love & Toast in the scent “Persimmon Plum.”  Usually, I’ll test-smell a lotion in the store, think that it smells good, and then realize once I get home and put a larger amount on my hands that the smell is overwhelming and gives me a headache.  This scent, while very noticeable, didn’t give me a headache at all, which was a pleasant and welcome change =)  Not sure how accessible these are, but I found mine at a Whole Foods Supermarket.

Second, I finished a bottle of Simple eye makeup remover.  I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but I felt like it did a good job at removing my eye makeup, which, for reference, consists of some nudey eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Naked palette and some eyeliner – nothing too difficult to remove.

Last but not least I finished an EOS lip balm in the scent “Honeysuckle Honeydew.”  To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one.  I didn’t find it that moisturizing.  (Segue: the Beauty 360 lip balms from CVS are super moisturizing, in contrast.  Go get some!)  HOWEVER – my sister has the “Summer Fruit” scent, and OH MY BEGEEBEES.  That scent smells soooo freakin’ good, it doesn’t even matter how moisturizing it is.  It smells so good!  Just go buy it just for the scent!

That’s all the empties for now, stay tuned for more!



    1. I actually have those too! I use the wipes if I also have blush/bronzer on, since I’d have more makeup to remove. I’m running low on them though, so yesterday I picked up some face wipes from Say Yes to Cucumbers to try out. Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube raved about them, and I’m a total sucker for beauty blogger/vlogger advertising =/. They rave about a product, and next thing you know I’m in the drugstore trying to hunt it down.

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