Makeup Monday: Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation & Airbuki Brush

Gaaahhhh I spent too much money at Sephoraaaa =( And I only got two items =( =(  But I love them so much! =) =)  Anyhoooo onto the goodies…

I finally pulled the trigger and splurged on some makeup from Tarte.  I’ve watched several vloggers rave about the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation, but I couldn’t bring myself at the time to dish out $36 for the foundation and another $28 for the Tarte Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush…yep, that’s a splurge for me.  I finally caved and bought them, and OH. MY. BEGEEBEES. I love them!

For me, this foundation does provide full coverage.  I only need to apply makeup right under my eyes to cover some darkness, and on my cheeks to cover some slight pinkness, and for these purposes, this foundation works remarkably well.

My skin has yellow undertones, but as the area I use makeup on has pink undertones, I chose the fair-light neutral shade with yellow and pink undertones.  Each little tub of foundation has a label on the base that describes what skin shade and undertone color(s) that shade of foundation is best for, which I found extremely helpful.

The application technique that I find works best is to press the airbuki brush against the net (once you open the lid of the foundation, you’ll see the net), tap off any excess, press the airbuki brush onto your cheek (or wherever you’re applying the foundation), and then swirl the brush in circular motions against your cheek.

Aside from the full coverage and light consistency of this foundation, I think what I personally love the most is the staying power.  With other products I’ve tried, by the end of the night, I can see the pinkness in my cheeks starting to reappear.  I’ve had this Tarte foundation on for as long as 12-14 hours, and the coverage is still as good as when I first put it on – that’s a first for me.

When  I was considering purchasing these items, I wasn’t certain the airbuki brush was necessary, it was more just cute.  After using the two together, I actually think I prefer using the airbuki brush because there’s something about the short and densely-packed bristles that I think benefits the application.



    1. Aww thank YOU for reading and commenting! The whole Sephora thing is kind of new to me, since I’ve never been much of a makeup wearer. I’m just starting to dip my toes into the water, so to speak, but it’s been a lot of fun so far. Thanks again!

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