July 4th: Melting Pot of Food

My family and I don’t normally celebrate July 4th, but we decided to have a little get together this year, since everyone happened to have the day off from work.  We had a little bit of a melting pot in terms of food, with a touch of American and a touch of cultural food. 

We started our day around 10:30 in the morning, with a trip to our local  Stop & Shop, where they were having a special on lobsters.  We got ourselves 8 lobsters and hit the road to my sister’s house. 

We started with the lobsters, with a lime and pepper dip, then moved on to a traditional Asian noodle soup dish called “pho,” then we had what we call “che” as well as watermelon slices and lychee for dessert. 

Pho is probably the most well known Vietnamese noodle soup dish.  Che is a pretty popular dessert at Asian restaurants, although I see it served at non-Vietnamese restaurants too, so it’s probably an Asian dessert, and not specifically a Vietnamese dessert.  As for lychee, I would place that under the exotic fruits category.  Go to Vietnam or California (which has a large Vietnamese population) and you’ll find an abundance.  Go to a supermarket anywhere else in the states and you’ll only find them in small numbers and they’ll be pretty expensive for such a small fruit. 

So that about sums up my July 4th celebration.  After that everyone just passed out from food coma for a couple hours before we finally headed home. 

Hope you all had a happy July 4th celebration as well.  Thanks for reading!


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