Petite Feet: Andres Machado/Alonai Review

I recently stumbled upon a site that specializes in small and large sizes, as well as everything in between, called maybe a year ago.  I was hesitant to order from a site that I’d never purchased from before at first, which explains why I waited so long to make my first purchase.  I finally pulled the trigger 3 weeks ago.  Two weeks later, I pulled the trigger again.

I purchased these blue faux suede low heeled pumps first, for roughly $20. 

Blue Shoes

From the price, you can assume that these are not the highest quality shoes.  However, since I wasn’t looking for designer-quality shoes, but rather just a pair of fun pumps that I could wear often and beat around, that was perfectly okay with me.  That being said, the cushioning inside the shoe was surprisingly more than I thought.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s far from Naturalizer-type padding, but it wasn’t thin and cardboard-like as I had imagined it would be.  So a pair of comfy, lightweight, low heeled pumps that I can get a lot of use out of for $20?  I’m not complaining.

I was also in the market for a pair of high heeled red pumps.  Originally, I had my heart set on red patent pumps, but I realized that red suede pumps might be more practical – I could only imagine pairing red patent pumps with my dressier outfits, but I could imagine pairing red suede with dressier as well as casual outfits.  Cost per wear, my friend, cost. per. wear.  So I went ahead and purchased a second pair of shoes from

Alonai Red Suede Pumps
Alonai Red Suede Pumps

I was a little iffy about the red ones, because the online pictures made the toe seem pointier than what I’m used to.  Now that I’m seeing them in person, I have an additional concern.  The problem I have with both the red shoes and the blue shoes is that Andres Machado shoes seem to cover too much of the foot at the toe area.  I’m not one for toe cleavage, but I prefer my shoes to cover just past the toes.  Anymore than that and I think it starts to feel a bit odd and matronly.  It was less noticeable on the blue shoes, but with the red ones…it’s going to take some debate.

A couple more pros about Alonai: shipping is very speedy and their shoes are pretty true to size.  I am a bit smaller than a size 4 in women’s shoes.  I normally order size 4 and add heel liners and sometimes also ball of foot pads to fill the space.  I ordered both the blue and red shoes in size 34 (equivalent to size 4).  The blue fit perfectly with the help of heel liners.  For the red pair, I added both heel liners and ball of foot pads.  When standing, the shoe appears to fit snugly, but when I start walking, they slip off my heels.  I’m not sure if it’s me or the shoes…



  1. Hi!,

    We are happy that you have purchased from our store and are pleased to hear
    you have got a good impression from our Shoes.

    As you know, we sell special size Shoes, both Small and Large, but at
    reduced prices because this type of special size tend to be expensive,that
    being said, we do try to take care of the quality too.

    We try to ensure that our Shoes have a good a fit as possible for our
    clients, and to this end, you can find the measurements if the insole of the
    shoes our website, from the toe to the heel as each manufacturer uses
    different moldes and the sizes may vary.
    We hopr you continue to shop with us in the future , and dont forget to
    check out the prize draws on our facebook page 😉

    Kind regards and thanks for trusting in us

    1. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my review and for the blog follow as well. I hope to order from you again soon. Thanks for the great service!

      1. Thank you for your confidence in us.

        If you have any questions or suggestions for our website or services, please do not hesitate to let us know, for us to be able to improve on a daily basis and offer a better service.

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