Rhode Island: Zoos, Mansions, and Seafood

I finally finished my spring semester in the first week of May – woot!  And after spending a week covering my co-worker’s shifts while he was on vacation (darn you!), I took a couple days to do a little vacationing myself.

Pictures from our trip to Providence, Middletown, and Newport RI =)

Providence, RI: Roger Williams Zoo
IMG-20130515-00160IMG-20130515-00163The crane was a bit camera shy.
IMG-20130515-00164 IMG-20130515-00165 IMG-20130515-00166 IMG-20130515-00167 IMG-20130515-00168Red water hogIMG-20130515-00169 IMG-20130515-00170 IMG-20130515-00171 IMG-20130515-00172 IMG-20130515-00173 IMG-20130515-00174I believe this is one of the male penguins.  Male penguins wear bracelets on their right flipper while females wear theirs on their left flipper…or was it the other way around?  Each bracelet is colored coded to identify the penguin – there’s a chart by the exhibit that tells you the color of the bracelet and the name of the penguin who’s wearing it.  One of them was named Milo and of course my first thought was Milo Ventimiglia…IMG-20130515-00175 IMG-20130515-00176 IMG-20130515-00177My first thought here was Johnny Depp and Alice in Wonderland.IMG-20130515-00178 IMG-20130515-00179Vulture
IMG-20130515-00180 IMG-20130515-00181 IMG-20130515-00182 IMG-20130515-00183The camels were my favorite – their faces are adorable!IMG-20130515-00184This bear was so perfectly posed for this picture; so glad I caught it.IMG-20130515-00185 IMG-20130515-00186 IMG-20130515-00187 IMG-20130515-00188The white snow leopard refused to come down off its perch so this blurry far away picture was the best I could get.
IMG-20130515-00190Emus!  My first thought: Jonathon Knight.

Anthony’s Seafood: Middletown, RI…
After setttling in at the hotel in Middletown, RI, we hit Anthony’s Seafood for dinner.  The best part?  We looked it up online before heading over and apparently Guy Fieri featured this place on his show!  The red camaro was here!  I was so excited =D

IMG-20130515-00192 IMG-20130515-00193 IMG-20130515-00194
The mansions: Newport, RI…
The next day we hit the mansions in Newport, RI.  First up: the Breakers, home to the Vanderbilt family.  Anderson Cooper!!IMG-20130516-00195 IMG-20130516-00196 IMG-20130516-00197 IMG-20130516-00198 IMG-20130516-00199I believe this one is The Elms…I could be remembering wrong.


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