‘Friends’ Frenzy

Somebody stop me!  I’m on a ‘Friends’ frenzy! 

I’m always a step behind when it comes to tv shows and movies.

The Pearl Harbor movie came out in 2001.  I watched it in 2010.  The series Castle on ABC started in 2009, and the series The Mentalist on CBS came out in 2008.  I discovered both of these in December of 2012.  WB’s Gilmore Girls ran from 2000-2007.  I don’t remember exactly when I started the GG obsession, but I probably didn’t know the show existed until it was ending.  What I Like About You aired from 2002-2006 – I discovered that one even later than GG. 

The problem seems to be getting worse because my current obsession didn’t even start in the 21st century – it first aired in 1994, and I’m watching it now, in 2013! 

But, despite being almost two decades late in watching this series, I’m completely obsessed with it!  It’s such a feel-good kind of show that’s full of laughs. 

I’ve become so obsessed with it that:

A) I refused to go to bed the other night because Joey had moved out of his and Chandler’s apartment, which broke my heart, because they have the cutest bromance.  But I had read through the episode descriptions in Wikipedia and I knew that they’d move back in together in 5 or 6 episodes, so I stayed up for an extra couple of hours until they finally moved back in together.  Then my mind was at ease and I could finally go to bed…at almost 4 in the morning =/

and B) my friend was complaining that her knee hurt the other day and she said, “I wonder if I banged it against anything.”  My response?  “I remember somebody banging their knee against something, but I can’t remember if it was you or Chandler.”  -_-


Leave me your random thoughts & ramblings below =)

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