Alarms Away: Thanksgiving Break To-Do List

At last, Thanksgiving break is here.  After months of studying for exams, I finally got my first good night of sleep last night =)  Whether that’s from alcohol or from the pure exhaustion of sleep deprivation, I’ll never know.  Either way, I woke up this morning well rested for once, brewed some coffee, and got started on the to-do list that I’ve devised for this 3 day break of mine (not including the weekend).  

My to-do list:

  • Get rid of the mounds of clean laundry at the foot board of my bed that I never have time to put away
  • Finally switch my wardrobe – summer clothes to the basement, winter clothes up from the basement
  • Sweep out all the dust bunnies that have been inhabiting my room since summer – gross, I know.
  • Play as much guitar, drums, and keyboard as I can to make up for months of not playing
  • Sing, sing, sing, sing, sing!  I haven’t flexed those vocal cords for so many months that I feel like I forgot how to sing
  • Polish my nails!  Because I deserve a little pampering from acing my past few exams, and because I won’t be in a laboratory for a whole week (we’re not allowed to wear nail polish in lab, so there’s no point in polishing my nails and having to wipe them off again for lab)
  • Blog.  Have you seen my FUNSIZEclothes blog?  Before today, the last time I posted was a month ago!
  • Study.  A 3 day break from school means 3 days of extra studying time to either catch up, or to start studying for finals if you’re already caught up.
  • Possibly tag along on a Black Friday shopping outing.  If I can carpool with someone, I’ll go.  Otherwise, I’ll pass.  Mainly because I hate driving with a passion.

Oh, and of course, celebrate Thanksgiving!  My goal is to eat my weight in food, to make up for the poor nutrition that so often plagues college students.

Hope your holiday is filled with fabulous food and great company as well!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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