I’m Not a Breakfast Person

I’m not a breakfast person.  I never have been.  Waffles are bland without syrup, and I don’t like syrup, so waffles are bland.  Cereal is dry without milk, and I’ve detested the taste of milk since I’ve been weaned off the bottle as a baby, so cereal is dry.  Bacon.  Bacon, however, is delicious.  Lunchtime, dinnertime, breakfast time, anytime, bacon will always be delicious.  Buuut – bacon can’t be eaten uncooked, and I can’t cook, so I can’t eat bacon.  So what it boils down to is: I don’t care much for breakfast, so I don’t eat it.

My first meal is lunchtime during breaks, when I whip out my hastily made sandwich that I pieced together at hyper speed so I wouldn’t miss my bus in the morning.  A few hours later, on the train ride home, blood sugar begins to drop as fast as I made that sandwich in the morning.  So first thing’s first when I get inside the house.  Drop the bag, turn on the heat, turn on the tv, eat everything in sight.

When I came home Thursday afternoon, my mind was set on boiling some water for rotini and heating up some tomato sauce to go with it.  Half way through boiling the rotini, I realized I had about a tablespoonful of tomato sauce left, but I had made enough rotini for 10…uh-oh

Long story short, I ended up making this:

I cut up some Asian-style sausages, popped them in the microwave for about 45 seconds – 1 minute, and served them (to myself) with the rotini.  At first I thought the combination might be a little odd-tasting, but it actually turned out pretty good.  It’s no gourmet dining, but it’s sure to fill my empty stomach.  Plus, microwaving and boiling/heating things in  a pot is the extent of my kitchen skills, so this meal fit in perfectly!

And in three days, I will be able to momentarily return to normal eating habits, as I have 5 days off for Thanksgiving Break, which to me means five days of recuperating sleep, five days of drinking coffee, and best of all: five days of not having to hear my alarm go off right when I’m in the middle of REMing, if I even get enough sleep to enter REM state.

I’m going to try to post again before the holidays, but if I can’t, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


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