Let’s Make it a Seafood Night!

I made an amazing discovery today.  I discovered that I do not have classes this Friday – woot!  That’s right, folks.  In honor of Vet’s Day on Sunday, classes have been cancelled, which is a relief because I’ve been sleeping at 2AM and sleeping for 3-4 hours for so many months now that I have bags under my eyes big enough for checked baggage.  So to celebrate this little discovery of mine, I thought I’d do a blog post. 

We ate in for dinner on Saturday, as opposed to our usual dining out that we do every Saturday night , because I had 3 exams to study for for Monday, and I worked all day Saturday, earning me some dinero, but costing me a day’s worth of valuable studying time.  We decided to make it a seafood night, and had lobsters and clams (and frozen mussels in the freezer for backup).

Some people prefer to eat their seafood with butter, but we’ve always been a pepper-and-lime bunch.   There’s something about the spice of the black pepper and the sourness of the lime that hits the right spot.  One time, when we were vacationing in Maine, we stopped by this seafood restaurant by the beach for lunch.  They only gave us butter, and looking around, it seemed everyone was a-okay with eating their lobsters with butter.  Initially, we were just going to give the butter a shot, but THEN! A guy sitting at the table next to us asked a passing waiter if he could have – you guessed it – pepper and lime.  Seeing that there was a fellow diner who shared our liking for pepper and lime dip with lobster, we too asked for some to go with our lunch.  Butter be gone!


How do you like your seafood?

Hope your having a good week so far!


Leave me your random thoughts & ramblings below =)

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