Buddy Valastro’s at the Supermarket

You read it right, folks.  Buddy Valastro was at Stop & Shop over the weekend.  Well – the cardboard version of him, that is.  Aaaand most likely he was strategically placed in the bakery for more than just the weekend, but seeing as I don’t go food shopping until the weekend, it was new to me. 

I was heading through the cakes section on Saturday, making my way to the bread section, when I saw this life-size cut out of Buddy:

I SHRIEKED.  Thinking the bakery was closed and the coast was clear, I told my sibling that I had to have a picture with Buddy.  But when we got close, a guy working in the bakery who was sitting down and hidden from sight popped his head over the counter, and the chicken in me backed down.  So I settled for a picture of Buddy alone, so I could at least blog about it =)

This guy turns the task of baking a cake into pure art.  His cakes are amazingly brilliant.  I’ve seen people on the show who come up with the craziest requests including tarantula cakes (one shaped like a giant tarantula, and the other MADE WITH REAL BUGS!), shoe obsession cakes, bride kicking cheating groom to the curb cake, and my personal favorite, a life-size NASCAR cake!!  But no matter how complex the design may seem, Buddy always gets it done.  The NASCAR cake was the icing on top for me – no pun intended 😉  I love NASCAR and I like Cake Boss; so together, it was the perfect episode.

And now I’ve officially procrastinated way too much.  Off to study!


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