A Little Piece of Italy

Last night, we decided to bring a little piece of Italy into our home.  If you’ve read some of my past posts, you’d know that it’s become a new tradition with us to go out for dinner once a week, on Saturdays, as a kind of treat to end what is a long week for everyone.  However, I’ve been completely strapped for time lately, with multiple exams a week + work and all the lovely responsibilities that come with it, so I absolutely couldn’t afford to be away from home Saturday night.  So instead, my sister cooked up an amazing dinner of spaghetti with clams!  Yum!

Picture taken from http://www.wizardrecipes.com/spaghetti-with-clams/.

Umm…so I kind of devoured most of my plate before I realized that I should’ve taken a picture of it for my blog.  And so I’m resorting to an online picture.  My appetite and I are sorry!

My sister went to Europe this year for vacation, and had this very meal while in Italy.  It was apparently so delicious that upon returning to the states, re-experiencing it was a must and so the recipe was tracked down and concocted.

I’m very fond of this dish because 1) I love practically any dish that involves noodles, and 2) it’s light, which means I can load up on this dish without getting full after the first 10 minutes – good for people with small stomachs!

It was nice to take a break from studying and still enjoy a good meal without having to leave home.  Oh the joy of having cooks in the family =)



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