Oi, My Head Hurts!

Goodbye summer!  Today was my first day back on campus; and I have to say, it’s bittersweet.  On the one hand, I love seeing my out-of-state friends again after four months of separation, and I like that my classes keep me forever busy, but on the other hand, I miss sleep!  Waking up before 7 AM this morning was slightly hellish.  “Slightly” because compared to the times when I have to wake up to a 5:30 alarm for an 8 AM class, this was a dream. 

Anyhoo, my morning classes were smooth sailing.  It wasn’t until the afternoon that things started to go awry.  I had pre-paid for a ticket for public transportation since the end of last year.  I even received a confirmation over the summer saying, “thank you, your order has been processed.”  So when the pick-up times for the tickets were posted, I marched on down to the office and was told that my name was not on the list of recipients. 

Umm…are you serious?  I planned exactly enough money to get to school in the morning, assuming that I would have the pre-paid ticket to get home.  I had no change left whatsoever.  How was I supposed to get home??  I ended up having to embarrassingly ask my friend if he had some change to spare me, which he happily did. 

But wait, that’s not all there is to the story.  No siree.  This friend of mine had agreed to meet up with me today to transfer pdf books to my usb so that I wouldn’t have to blow all my money on print copies.  (Benefit of having older friends – they lend you their stuff from the year before =).)  His class let out 2 hours after mine, and I reluctantly stayed an extra 2 hours on campus, knowing that when I finally leave it would be rush hour.  But me, being the genius that I am, didn’t realize until I had sat there nearly 2 hours waiting that I didn’t even bring my usb.

I ended up having to wait for him to come, tell him that I stupidly arranged this whole thing and then forgot my usb, thereby defeating the whole purpose, and rescheduling until tomorrow.  “Oh, and in addition to stupidly forgetting my usb, I also stupidly didn’t put any money in my wallet and now I can’t get home.  Wanna lend your pathetic broke friend a few bucks?”  What a day…

Hope your start to the week was better than mine!


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