Men Never Ask For Directions…Seriously.

I’ve heard that men never ask for directions; and quite frankly, it baffles me.

It started with one of my guy friends from college asking me to hang out the other day.  We planned to meet halfway between our houses.  This was the extent of our plans.  We hadn’t discussed what we were doing or where we were going (something that would’ve been thoroughly planned out if it were my girl friends) – big mistake.  I paid to take public transportation to meet him, since parking is a hassle where we were meeting.

As I’m nearing the meeting spot, he texts me to ask if I wanted to catch a movie.  Since I’m not really a moviegoer, I said I’d like to pass on that one.  I get there and he asks if I had dinner plans and if I’d like to try a sushi restaurant nearby.  I said I did have dinner plans, but it wasn’t for hours, so I wouldn’t mind eating now too.  And despite my insistence that it was okay, he thought eating now would spoil my dinner plans, so we kept walking.

And walking, and walking, and walking.  He decided that since I had dinner plans, we shouldn’t eat a full meal, but froyo would be okay.  So off we went to get froyo.  Only he led me in the opposite direction for 20 minutes.  -_-  Once he realized, we went back to where we were and walked in the right direction.

Me: “So how long does it take to walk there?”

Him: “About half an hour.   I think…”

**Half an hour later**

Me: “How much further from here?”

Him: “Umm..about half an hour.”

**Half an hour later**

Me: “Ok, so how close are we now?”

Him: “I think it’s 20 minutes away.”

Me: !!!!

Him: “…10 minutes?”

**20 minutes later**

Me: “Do you know where we are?”

Him: “Yeah, it’s a block away.  Like another 5 minutes.”

**So.  Not.  5.  Minutes.  Later.**

Me: “I don’t recognize this place.”

Him: “Me neither…”


As it turns out, the road split into two different roads about 20 minutes behind us, and we went down THE WRONG STREET.  So we doubled back, but by that time, it was too late to find the froyo place.

We ended up grabbing a quick bite to eat at a Dunkin Donuts and then at a McDonalds.  He paid for my stuff at both places, to make it up to me for getting us lost, which was sweet in a really frustrating way =)

What boggles my mind is that when we stopped to eat, he whipped out his phone and said, “Oooh ok, so the place was actually on ____ St.”  I said, “Wait, you mean you could’ve looked up the directions this whole time?  You had internet?”  And he meekly said, “Yeah..”

Stereotypically, men don’t stop to ask for directions from other people, but from your phone?  Really?

He owes me.  He so owes me.


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