Beach Time: Odd Kites and Sunburns

So three days after our trip to Martha’s Vineyard, MA., we decided to take another beach trip.  As I mentioned before, I’m not a beach person in the least, but I figured if I had to go, I might as well try to enjoy it.  So I donned my bathing suit under my regular clothes and off we went.  It was warm and sunny when we got there, perfect beach weather (not that I would know). 

The funny thing is that I wasn’t aware that someone in my family had brought along a tent to set up on the beach…a camping tent, that is.  You know the ones from the Folgers coffee camping commercial where the husband is “camping” with the kids, but when his wife brings him coffee from the kitchen, you realize he’s camping in his backyard?  Yeah, those kinds of tents.  But we weren’t in no backyard.  That being said, once I got over thinking of how weird it was, I was actually glad we brought it.  We had our own little place to change, the little ones could nap in there, we ate lunch inside, and if the sun got to be too much, we had a temporary hideout.

I spent most of my time sitting on a beach chair outside the tent digging my toes in the sand, which is completely out of character for me because everybody who knows me knows I detest tanning.  While I was chillaxing, I looked up and saw this:

This kite gave me a good laugh.  It’s not often I see a giant pair of legs flying in the air.  This one was ours:

After sitting in the sun for over 3 hours, I can now say that I have been officially sunburned for the first time in my life.  I’ve never even been in the sun that long, let alone on a beach.   But now about 50% of my body is red as a lobster, and as my sister has been saying, “clothes hurt.” 

Would I have changed anything?  No, family time is always good considering our hectic lives make family time a rarity.  Plus, aside from the sunburn, I actually didn’t mind the beach; it was a fun experience. 


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