Sushi Boat: We’ve Reached Another Level of Awesomeness

I now know the magic number.  The magic number is six.  The magic number is six because it takes an order of six sushi rolls, as I learned last night, to earn me a sushi boat =D

This is a work of art, right here.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I recently passed my road test this past Tuesday, and five days later, I was still in a celebratory mood.  So I made it a point to take my family out to dinner last night – my treat – as a thank you for their help teaching me to drive and chauffeuring me around while I couldn’t drive on my own.  After crossing our fingers that the thunderstorm and pouring rain would stop before we actually had to go out, we headed for a sushi restaurant nearby. 

We had a key west maki roll, a california roll, a shrimp tempura roll, a caterpillar roll (no, it does not have real caterpillars in it), a hand roll, and two other rolls whose names I don’t remember.  That’s actually an order of seven things, but I think we could’ve gotten the boat without the hand roll.  And of course, I always have to have my drink; this time it was a coconut milkshake.  For dessert, we got fried ice cream in green tea flavor with a cherry on top.  Yum!

We’ve dined out at sushi restaurants plenty of times, but we’ve never ordered enough to get a sushi boat, so this was a big deal in terms of sushi-eating.  After we were presented with this loveliness, I told my sibling, “this boat just kind of made my day, right here.”  My sister’s reply: “We just reached a new level of awesomeness.”


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