Evan Farmer Hosts CMT’s Top 20 Countdown?!

I had an epiphany today.  Boy bands died, their members did not.  Deep.

I’m just kidding.  Well, about the deep part, anyway.  But the first part still stands. 

One of the good things about babysitting my niece or nephew at their house is watching tv channels that we don’t have at my house, most notably, the CMT.  I may be a New Englander, but I have a soft spot for country music.  So when I came to babysit today, I flipped to the CMT channel to watch the Top 20 Countdown. 

You ever have one of those moments when you see/hear something that reminds you of something else but you can’t figure out the connection?  It’s the most irritating feeling.  Looking at the host, I thought…wait a minute…that host…he looks familiar…where have I seen him?  He sounds familiar too…  Then when he said his name was Evan Farmer, I jumped a good half a foot out of my seat.  I was 99.99% sure that he was from the satirical 1999 boy band 2ge+her.

According to the guy from the Ball Park Angus Beef Frank’s commercial, if I’m 99.99% sure, then that means I just don’t know.  BUT, I had such a strong hunch about this that I ran to grab my Ipod touch from my bag and wiki-ed “Evan Farmer.”  Sure enough.  The band 2ge+her may be history, but its “heartthrob” member, Evan Farmer, went on to host the CMT T20C as of 2010.  Sometimes being “99.99% sure” does mean you know, BPABF guy.


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