I’m a Girl. 6+ Hrs of Shopping in 3 Different Towns is What I Do.

Yesterday I shopped.  Then I shopped some more.  Then I ate.  Then I shopped some more.  Scratch that last part.  I didn’t stop to eat.  I bought food, and ate as I shopped.

Shopaholic, you say?  I think not.

Stop #1 was a shoe store in a town half an hour from my house.  We ordered shoes, disliked the shoes, brought the shoes to the store, returned the shoes, and browsed the store in person for different shoes.  Okay.  Done with shoes.  But what is a shopping day without shopping for clothes?  Onward to stop #2!

Stop #2 was a shopping outlet 45 minutes from stop #1.  We ordered a watch, we needed the watch adjusted, and the closest store is in this outlet.  I also desperately needed work clothes for my not-so-tall self, and this outlet is the best place for petite work wear.

Brief intermission: we could feel low blood sugar coming on.  We stopped for pretzels.  One almond pretzel and one pepperoni pretzel.  Oh the goodness.

Stop #3 was a mall 45 minutes from stop #2.  Completely different from an outlet.  An outlet is outdoors.  A mall is indoors.  Plus, there are stores in the mall that aren’t at the outlet.  We were looking for TOMS shoes, which aren’t sold at the outlet, but are sold at the mall.  So to the mall we went!

So you see, 6+ hours of shopping – 2 hours of driving = 4+ hours of shopping.  AND 3 different towns but different and legitimate reasons to shop at each one cancel out the crazy factor.  What you’ve got left is a necessary and successful shopping trip.  Not a shopaholic in the least.


Happy Friday everyone!


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