Personalizing My Study Space, Part 3

**This post is the third of a three part series.  See post one here, and post two here.

A few weeks ago, I put it in my mind that I was going to give my study space a little makeover.   I thought I’d share some photos I snapped of the results of my personalized study space:

I have papers floating around on my desk all the time – mail, checks, bills, etc.  I usually just let them lie around or clip them together with a giant plastic clip.  THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY.  It gets so disorganized that I get a headache every time I look at my desk.  To remedy this situation, I used two bookends – not to hold my books, but to hold my mail.  And to make it visually appealing, I took a pin that my mom gave me, that was meant for a shirt, and attached it to the bookend.

My new mail holder I placed on top of my desk hutch, in the center.  Also on top, but at the corner of the desk hutch, I uncluttered the area and now use the space just for my agenda and a notebook that has unique parchment-like paper, which I use for jotting down ideas for song lyrics.

Right below this area is the one and only shelf of the desk hutch.  Here I placed yet another pin that my mom gave me, which doubles as a picture frame.  I also have an ink and quill set that was a gift from a friend.  And appropriately enough, the quill is leaning against my Harry Potter books =)

Last but not least, we move over to the computer area under the hutch.  I mentioned in a previous post that I have wires from my lamp and phone dangling down from the top of the hutch into the computer area.  Very unsightly.  So I took inspiration from “Fossil” and made paper cranes (like I used to do as a kid =) ), attached it to the wire and wrapped the wires around each other. 

Look at that little lamp!  It reminds me of colonial times when people used to write by candlelight using ink and quills.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Happy Friday everyone!



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