Smoothie Time! – Blueberry Banana-y Goodness

I’ve been on a smoothie-making craze lately.  Every fruit I lay eyes on in the fridge, my mind converts to a smoothie.  And then next thing you know, the kitchen table’s a mess, I’ve got chopping blocks, knives, dirty spoons, and banana peels and whatnot all over the place.  But a lot of the good recipes I come across on the internet involve some sort of berry, and I usually don’t stock berries in my fridge.

So last weekend, I made a mental note to pick up the cheapest berries I could find at the supermarket.  I picked up a box of blueberries at Stop & Shop, and today, I proceeded to mince it into itty bitty pieces for my smoothie.

I used this recipe, which you can find here; but with some variations.  Along with not stocking berries in my house, we also never have milk in the house.  BUT, I did have condensed milk, which I actually prefer in my smoothies because it’s sweeter, thicker, creamier, and milkier.  I also left out the vanilla yogurt.  Most of the time, I also don’t stock up on yogurt in my house (are you starting to see a pattern here?  =D ).  This was the one time that there was yogurt in my house, and I was so excited when I read the recipe and realized I actually had the yogurt for once.  I ran downstairs, popped open the yogurt, and – oh dear.  The yogurt did not smell right.  Expiration date?  The 9th.  Of May.  But no worries, blueberries, bananas, and condensed milk still sounded pretty darn delicious.  Oh and I left out the cinnamon too (ironically, I actually did have cinnamon in the house!).

This is my oh so delicious end result:

Add in some extra ice cubes and voila.  Blueberry banana-y goodness.

Happy middle of the week everyone!


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