Personalizing My Study Space, Part 1

**This post is part of a series.  See part 2 here and part 3 here.

I love vintage styles, whether it be with clothing or with home decorating.  However, in the modern day and age, with all our high tech gadgets and whatnot, I sometimes forget what it was like to do things old school.  Yesterday, as I was desperately scouring the house for a pair of AAA rechargeable batteries, I pulled out a box from the top of my closet where I had stored my old game boy from elementary school, thinking it might have batteries still in it.  I found the game boy (sans batteries, mind you), but what I didn’t expect to find was two of my old Walkmans from the 1990s, two old CD players from the early 2000s, and an electronic dictionary and thesaurus machine.  Stumbling upon these items from my past, I couldn’t help but “awwww” out loud.  In a sense, this was my childhood in a box.  Since I already have a love for vintage things, pulling these now outdated items out inspired me to do something creative, artsy, and vintage-inspired.

And that’s why I’ve decided to start a new project – reorganizing my study space with little vintage touches.  I’m going to be doing this in bits, and sharing it with you as a series of posts.

This is post #1, which is going to be my “inspiration post” – a few pictures to show you the items that I kept in a shoebox at the top of my closet that inspired me to start my project.  Hope you enjoy the series!

Game boy

I remember my sister and I treasuring this one and only game boy of ours.  On school field trips in elementary school, we were allowed to bring game boys on the long bus rides, and I remember wanting so badly to bring this little guy with me.

Audio cassette players and homemade mixed cassette tape

This is one of my absolute favorite memories!  This brings me back to the late 90s and early 2000s, the period of time when pop music was at its prime and boy bands couldn’t go anywhere without being mobbed by a frenzy of hysterical girls.  And the picture in the circular frame?  My HOMEMADE MIXED TAPE!!  Oh the days of sitting by the radio waiting for my favorite songs and leaping at the record button so as not to miss the beginning of the song.  I’m feeling nostalgic just writing this!

CD players

These aren’t as old-fashioned as audio cassette players, but they’re certainly no Ipod.  My childhood best friend had bought me a guitar for my birthday when he found out I liked guitars, but when I told him I couldn’t possibly accept such an expensive gift, and after much insisting, he agreed to buy me a less expensive gift – a CD and the blue CD player you see above.  =)

Electronic dictionary and thesaurus

Before there was, there was the electronic dictionary and thesaurus.  I completely forgot I had this.  It’s been passed down in my family from person to person, and at least through one generation, so it’s quite old.  I remember using this to play games as well (hangman?).  1999: hangman on my electronic dictionary and thesaurus.  2012: scramble with friends on a touch phone.

Battery charger

I can’t remember the last time I charged batteries with one of these things.

Two items that I used to have that I really wish I could have found are my typewriter and my old land-line phone like the one below:

Picture taken from

Back in the day when we had these for house phones, I remember also having dial-up connection, and every time you wanted to use the internet, you had to announce to everyone in the house that the phone was going to be unusable while you were using the internet.  There were no cellphones, so you couldn’t make personal calls on your own phone.

These are some of my inspiration pictures.  Stay tuned to see how I slowly redecorate my desk to become more personal and in tune with my taste.


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