Summer Slush

I woke up this morning to very sticky, humid weather.  I had my usual cup of ice coffee that kept me cool all morning and into the early afternoon.  But towards the middle of the afternoon, I had drunk every last drop of coffee, and the sun outside was still going strong.  What better way to combat the heat than to blend together an assortment of cold fruits, with a couple teaspoons of condensed milk or sugar (depending on the fruit), and toss in some ice cubes to make a smoothie/slush?

I remembered that I had a container of watermelon pieces sitting in the fridge.  When watermelon that’s been cut is left sitting around for a few days, it secretes juice and then soaks it back up.  While they’re still edible, they lose their crunchiness, and are a little too ‘wet’ for my liking as well as everyone else in my household.  So I figured there were two options: 1) leave the watermelon there, no one will eat it, it’ll spoil and we’ll have to toss it, which would be a waste, or 2) I could turn it into a slush.  I liked option 2 much much better.

So off I went to fetch the container and my blender.  I took some photos to document my concoction:

My starting materials:

Into the blender they go:

After some blending, 2 tsp of sugar, and some more blending, my final product:

Yummy!  (And now we don’t have to waste the watermelon!)

I’m not a summer person at all, so when summer does come around, I need to have a constant intake of any icy beverage – as long as it’s got ice, I’m a-okay.


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  1. That sounds delicious! Smoothies are hit or miss with me, but this one I’ll have to try. 🙂

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