Good Eating, Chocolate Shells, and NASCAR

Yesterday was a day of celebration filled with good food and family in my household.  Our day started around 11 AM with everybody getting gussied up for my niece’s first communion ceremony. 

After a good half hour of battling other families for primo picture taking spots, we headed out to a buffet lunch.  Stir fried noodles, chicken wings, calamari, sushi, and a coke to help it all down – I was a happy clam =) 

We headed home for a few hours of downtime, which translates to grocery shopping and church, and ironically no downtime at all.  Then it was back to my sister’s house for a home-cooked meal and some cake to celebrate not only my niece’s first communion, but my nephew’s 4th birthday as well.  We had a home-cooked meal that consisted of noodle soup, fried egg rolls, and scallops wrapped in baconThe cake was a cute bowling-themed cake with edible bowling pins and bowling balls and strawberry filling.

Today saw no end to the good food.  I spent five hours glued to my tv, watching the NASCAR race at Talladega, and indulging in some chocolatey chip ice cream topped with Hershey’s Shell!  I was first introduced to this magical treat by one of my friends, who hosts our college’s entire Christian group at his apartmentWe had an ice cream party one night, and one of the treats that he bought for us, along with multiple tubs of ice cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles, was chocolate shell – comes out liquid, but freezes into a thin crunchy layer of chocolate on top of your ice cream in seconds.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

The food was great, the company was great, but the end to my weekend is bittersweet.  I was extremely disappointed by the results of the race.  I’m not sure what was the most disappointing – Carl Edwards getting wrecked with still a good number of laps to go, Denny Hamlin getting wrecked despite having a strong car and leading at one point, or Kyle Busch losing out to Brad Keselowski to come in second.  I’m really hoping Carl doesn’t get cursed with the runner-up jinx.  Even though he hasn’t been as strong as he was last season, he doesn’t seem to be getting it as bad as Denny did the season after he was runner-up.  PLUS, Carl technically wasn’t even really a runner-up – they were tied in points, so maybe he won’t get the jinx after all.

Tomorrow: jury duty, bright and early.


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