Breakfast for Dinner & Disney Movies – We Are 5 YO

Looky what I have!

This, my friends, is an icy cold cup of Vietnamese coffeeThicker, richer, and MUCH STRONGER than American coffee, if I say so myself.  This beverage and I are going to be best friends during the next two weeks as I prep for finals and wrap up my semester.  That being said, my posts will also become less frequent for the next two weeks – bear with me!

So, let’s recap my week since my posts have been non-existent all week, shall we?

Monday: nothing out of the ordinary.  Mondays are forever dull.

Tuesday: I woke up early to get to my 9:30 AM class, because I wanted to study for an hour before class started.  I got to the campus at 8:30, and at 9:25 I headed down to class.  As I was walking down the hall, I saw my friend who’s in my lecture walking in the opposite direction.  Me: “Where are you going?  Aren’t you going to class?”  Him: “Yeah…class is cancelled.”  -_-  I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, commuted for an hour for my ONE CLASS, and it’s cancelled?!  But wait, it gets better – not only was class cancelled, but apparently, my professor posted an announcement to inform us the night before on our school website. This site normally emails us to tell us that there are new announcements, except, apparently, the one time that I actually care about the announcement!  So I hopped on the train and commuted for another hour back home.

Wednesday and Thursday: eh.

Friday: I hung out with my friends from our Christian group at school.  This week’s festivities: breakfast food for dinner (Lucky Charms cereal, Fruity Bits cereal, Pops cereal, more cereal, and orange juice), a group Bible study, and Disney movies =]  We are five years old.

That gets us caught up to this weekend, which consists of me in my bedroom with earphones in, listening to everything from late 90s pop to contemporary country, and drilling lecture material into my head for next week’s finals.

How has your week been?  Non-student readers: please tell me something exciting you did so that I might live vicariously through you.



  1. I know i’m a student reader but what the hell, we were on an Easter break so no work and I took a break from work by … looking for a job, until you write it out you don’t realise how sad your life is! Sorry about your lecture, our university does that all the time and its REALLY annoying!

    1. Haha no worries, I love reading any and all comments =) We don’t get Easter break over here (college doesn’t, high school does) since the semester ends two weeks after Easter, so it wouldn’t make sense to have two vacations so close together. My friends are going through the job search process too; but they’re all getting discouraged by the lack of open job listings. Wish you the best of luck in your job search, don’t lose hope if nothing comes up right away!

      1. So far been looking for near 2 years with no luck had a telephone interview today so keeping the fingers crossed but im not shocked with the state the job market is everywhere

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