Food Coma, Itis, Whatever You Wanna Call It, I’ve Got It

The title of the post pretty much says it all.  I tend to get severe food coma.  If I eat anything heavier than a snack, I will conk out for hours.  As hard as I try to fight the urge to sleep, the drowsiness is comparable to the drug-induced drowsiness that you get from drinking nighttime cold medicine, the kind of drowsiness that you don’t try to fight because you know you will lose.

I came home today and whipped out three boxes of leftover Chinese takeout from the fridge.  Got myself a nice big plate for optimum food piling, and finished off the seafood udon noodles, assorted seafood calamari, and fried rice.  Aaaaand now I’m sleepy.  So much for the essays and pages and pages of reading I put on my to-do list.

My most unproductive days are usually a result of food coma – come home, eat, pass out from food coma, wake up, dinner time, call it a night and pass out from food coma…again.

On days that I have classes, which for me is every day except the weekend, I carry light snacks in my bag to sustain me throughout the day.  But can you imagine doing this non-stop for the next few years?  Small breakfast to start my day and then nothing but snacks during the day until dinner at 8 or 9 PM?  Believe me, I’ve tried carrying lunch with me to school, and let’s just say…the desk and my face were best friends during the class after I ate my lunch =D

Anyone else have this problem?  Or is my metabolism just funky?



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