Oh Spring, Why Do You Distract Me So?

Two weeks ago, we had weather in the 60s for the entire week, and I thought that was crazy.  60 degree weather before spring?  This week, apparently, we’re getting temperatures that hit the 70s!

I’m a New Englander – I’m used to a couple of blizzards a year, shoveling snow into a pile that’s taller than I am, wearing snow boots for months on end, and reworking my commuting schedule to allow for long delays.  This year, we had none of that.  We had an oddly warm winter, with only occasional sprinkles of snow.  Although, I have to say I do miss looking out the windows and seeing tree branches coated with snow and having a snowy white Christmas.

Now Spring is almost here, and the warm weather seems to already be kicking in.  As a college student, this can sometimes be a nightmare more than anything.  I already have the shortest attention span imaginable to begin with, but add in sunny days, warmer weather, and daylight savings time when afternoons are brighter longer and my attention span is shortened to an infinitesimal degree.

I’ve compiled a list of some things I’d like to do in the immediate future in light of the warm weather:

  • find ways to fight the urge to not study
  • whip out my spring dresses, shoes, and nail polishes
  • make time to stroll through The Commons in the Downtown area of the city
  • drink all my favorite icy drinks at least once (ice coffee, slushies, lemonade, the list goes on)

The biggest challenge is to enjoy the spring season while maintaining sharp focus in school.  Wish me luck!

Readers, how’s the weather where you live?  What’s your favorite season?  What’s your favorite pastime in that season?



  1. We’ve had an insane week of warm weather here in England, its really confused us all and as far as concentrating on the college work, well that went out of the window because we all decided to just go to the park and play Frisbee instead!

    1. Ooo that sounds like fun – even though I can’t catch a Frisbee to save my life because I have no hand-eye coordination whatsoever! I’m just trying to hang in there for a few more weeks. I love college, but it’s so hard to focus this time of year.

      Also, I love that you’re from England! I think that’s so cool that blogging can connect me to readers half way across the world from me!

      1. I know it really is amazing, I’m really new to Blogging to be honest only really started this month but reading other peoples blog’s from all over the world I just get a really nice sense of community from all the bloggers out there and I honestly think its really cool just to read and learn about other peoples lives from all over the world, I’m wanting to move to america soon and so for me its interesting just to try and get a personal day to day life of living in america.

        1. I’m glad you see it that way because that’s exactly what I was hoping to do with this blog. I also host another blog, http://funsizeclothes.wordpress.com, and it’s also supposed to let people get a glimpse of life where I live, but in terms of clothing choices. Hopefully I can cover a wider range of topics so that you can really get a feel for my lifestyle here.

  2. I live in Canada, and it’s been unseasonnaly warm here as well. I too, took out some dresses this afternoon from the back of my closet and painted my toenails! I don’t envy your having to focus on school work when the sun is shining and it’s so nice out….in March! Although, I teach elementary school, so I might have the same problem trying to get my students to concentrate! Good luck!!

    1. I was in Canada just two weeks ago! I went to Quebec and it was FREEZING in that region. I’d been spoiled by the warm weather where I live, that I forgot how cold winters could be until I got to Quebec City. I’m glad you’re also getting a dose of warm weather in your region of Canada. Good luck to you too with your students. Elementary school is a lot of fun, so maybe they won’t get too restless despite the nice weather outside =)

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