Greetings From Canada

Greetings from Canada!!

When do I ever do anything that’s conventional?  While everyone either went home or went to warmer regions for spring break, I went northward to Canada.  It’s even colder here than it is in my hometown (most winters, our temps go below freezing temp, but we’ve had an exceptionally warm winter this year).  We toured the city on foot on Monday and I imagined frost bite slowly taking over my digits.  Yesterday was 7°F, feels like -11°F, but we mainly visited indoor attractions so it was bearable.  I thought I’d share with you some photos I snapped on my phone to document my trip.

Day 1 – On the Road:

Day 2 – Touring Quebec City on Foot:

Pictures of Day 3 and 4 coming soon.  For now, I think I’ve bored you enough with my random snapshots of coffee cups, coffee shops, and train stations…with coffee shops.



  1. Hope you’re enjoying Canada! I loved visiting Quebec City back in my senior year of high school.

    1. Thanks! I actually got back to the states yesterday. I did enjoy visiting Quebec City. It was really pretty there, especially the places that were part of Old Quebec. I had to get right back into my normal routine today, which was a weird transition.

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