Friends, Froyo, Food

Froyo is good.  Froyo with friends is even better.

Yesterday marked the last day of classes before spring break for our campus.  While I don’t have any proof, I can almost guarantee there was a collective sigh of relief all over school.  I kicked off my first few hours of spring break yesterday evening with a group of new friends I met from a club at school.

We started off with froyo at a shop a town or two from school.  They have a dozen flavors for you to test; and whichever ones you like, you can squirt some into your bowl.  Then you move onto the toppings counter, where they have buckets and buckets and more buckets of fruits, lychee pearls, chocolate, berry truffles, coconut flakes, and so much more.  At the end, when your froyo is made exactly to your heart’s content, you place your bowl on the scale at the register and they charge you based on the weight of your edible masterpiece.

When we were all frozen from froyo (and the below freezing temperatures outside), we headed back to one of my friend’s apartment for more games and movies.  But first — the supermarket for more food!  We loaded up on frozen foods that we could just pop in the microwave (as if we hadn’t had enough frozen food).  We spent the rest of the night at my friend’s apartment playing Monopoly Deal and Catch Phrase, stuffing ourselves, and watching a movie.

While all the activities were good fun, what I enjoyed the most last night was just being in good company.  These were people that I had only met once or twice before, and some that I just met last night for the first time; but they were the most warm, accepting, easy-going, down-to-earth, and well-grounded people I had ever met.   I felt very grateful for the opportunity to have met them and to be with a group of such wonderful people.


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  1. I now want froyo. Bad. And a game night. Sounds like the perfect way to kick off a vacation period!

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