Coffee OD

I am a self-proclaimed coffee-lover.  Not to be confused with a coffee-addict; I can function without coffee and do not experience any of the physical symptoms of withdrawal as some of my colleagues do in the absence of coffee intake.  No, I am far from an addict; but a simple cup of homemade ice coffee on the weekend brewed exactly to my liking gives me one of the greatest pleasures in life.

It does not take much to make me happy – and that is an overstatement.  I can find happiness in the littlest and simplest of things.  So why am I sharing with you this bit about coffee?


I have been working for the same company for nearly three years.  While I appreciated the opportunity to get my feet wet and have some working experience, the job wasn’t remotely related to my major.  But recently – within the last month and a half recent – I was offered a position at a new company, a position that was actually directly related to what I was studying.  I was beyond excited at the prospects, so of course I accepted.

Yesterday was my first day training at my new workplace.  Now, since I habitually drink coffee on the weekends, I did so as usual the morning of training.  By the time my shift started, the caffeine had kicked in and my hands were shaking with a life of their own.  It was as if I drank a cup of coffee that converted itself into 20 extra shots of espresso by the time it got to my hands.

But aside from the uncontrollable hand-shaking, yesterday was AMAZING.  I can’t put into words how it feels to be doing a job you absolutely love and have been waiting to do since you were six years old.  From the moment I walked through the door, I couldn’t stop smiling; I looked around the place with a smile reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat, without the mischievous connotation.  I was content simply to be there – just as I am content in simply drinking a cup of ice coffee on a weekend off.



  1. I seem to have the same stance on coffee as you do– I don’t need it to function, am not addicted to it like others claim to be, but the smell and taste of a perfectly brewed pot is amazing to me. It’s the perfect little treat.

    Congratulations on your new job and great experience! 🙂 I hope it only continues to be amazing for you.

    1. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

      I only drink coffee on the weekends, so it really is the perfect treat after a long week. Thanks for reading and following!

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