Attention Span of a Peanut

I have the attention span of a peanut.  Today, as I sat in a room with 13 other candidates in a panel-like discussion on the pros and cons of making residency a requirement for future graduates, while being graded by two professors on the competency of my communication skills, motivation, and professionalism in order to be allowed to advance in my program, my thought process went a little something like this…

Carpet’s kind of green.  Blue with some green actually.

Man this guy talks too much.

The carpet’s kind of fuzzy too.  Fuzzy’s a funny word.  I can’t believe he’s still going.

Should I change back into my sneakers before I leave?  Maybe I’ll change them before I leave.

SHOOT ME.  He’s still going, unbelievable!

Still have half a sandwich in my bag.  Too nervous to eat.  Stomach butterflies.  I wonder why they call them butterflies…

Such was my thought process throughout the interview; and such is my thought process in life.  How I ever manage to get anything done with my limited attention span is beyond me.



  1. I honestly think your thought processes in that situation are an exact mirror of the ones I go through in my lectures at the moment! Except the carpets Reddy orange and rather than being fuzzy I imagine it has to be the really course kind of carpet that really burns!

    You got a follower because your amazing 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I’m glad you could relate; I space out no matter what I’m doing: studying, attending lecture, talking to friends, and even driving =/ Thanks again for the kind words =)

    1. Haha, yeah I never realize how random my thought process is until I think about it in retrospect. Looking forward to heading over to your blog to check it out. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and especially for following!

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